Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

A lot of us do not realize this but the higher humidity (amount of water vapor present in the air) percentage during spring is wonderful for our skin. Hydration is key if you deal with fine lines and flakiness as well as if you want fresh and plumped skin.

Some of the best ways to get hydrated during this time, in addition to drinking water and eating water rich foods like lettuce, cucumber, peppers, really any veggie or fruit, is to get it through the environment!

Here is my favorite way to supplement hydration during higher humidity percent days (you should be able to find that percentage in the weather forecast for the day, if it is higher than 25% and the temperature is nice you will benefit from it).

Open the windows while driving, at the office, and at home. Let that fresh air in!

Trust me, your skin will look amazing. The air at home will be more hydrated and if you have plants you will notice you won't have to water them as much, if you have a pet he or she will not drink as much water as they normally do, and you will notice less thirst as well.