Makeup Trial: What To Expect?

Hello! Let me tell you a bit about the makeup trial.

First of all, Plan to be with me for 1 to 1.5 hrs.

Our goal during the wedding trial is to come up with "the makeup look" for your big day, to make sure products used are the right formula and type for you and, once you wear the makeup for the day, to look for anything you might want to tweek for your wedding day. I will ask that you take photos, lots of photos, and give me honest feedback on how your makeup wore and looked for the hours following the trial!

I will ask that you have a few things ready for me to understand your vision and have a thorough consultation before I begin applying product to your face!

Please have:

- photos (3 or more) of the makeup look you want.

- photo(s) of yourself that you like the way you photographed and how you look

-photos of what you want your hair to look like

- the jewerly you plan on using for you wedding

- your dress (if possible)

- your shoes (if possible)

- wear a white top or t shirt (if possible)

-also, make sure you have sent back the "wedding questionaire" I sent to you via email.

Have a clean face, free of makeup and apply your regular skin care products for the time of the trial.

I absolutely love customizing that perfect wedding look with brides and can not wait to start this journey with you!